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Where can I get TotTimer?
You can grab TotTimer from the Android Marketplace - just search for TotTimer!
What does it cost?
TotTimer is completely free. Enjoy.
How do I get access to the "My" screen?
When you first upload recordings from your device, you will be prompted to create a name that you can use to easily access your account.
What happens when I delete a Recorder?
Don't worry - your recordings are still saved. You can add the same Recorder to view them again.
How is the content on this site licensed?
All content, unless otherwise noted, is ©2009 tottimer. If you'd like to remix or use anything here, please email us (at the address above). Timeline is used under a BSD license from MIT; jQuery Google Chart plugin and jQuery used under GPL licenses.
Who was involved in TotTimer?
TotTimer is a mrcaps production. Infinite thanks to Mark Chang for his assistance and support. Thanks go out to our testers: Leslie G, Zach N, Caryn Chang, and Nick and Ramey T.